Time Olive Oil

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Our product is people serving people.  Working together, we rise to our full potential in a transparent, caring and fulfilling environment.


Holding ourselves to a higher standard in blending the best of traditional Mediterranean culture with modern American technology, we are introducing to the United States the Lebanese mother olive tree. 
We aim to serve consumers who care about their family’s health as well as social, cultural and ecological well-being.  We commit to a gracious experience to all our customers, timely delivery, fair pricing and friendly professional service. Enrichment, comfort and dependability.


With the current cultivation of the Mother Olive Trees™ taking place in California, it will only be a short time before the olive “ranch” is planted and olives being pressed, ready to be sold as is, or, prior to their growth in the US professionally blended with the oil from the fruit of olives from California for the production of trusted California-Lebanese award winning blends, as well as the trees themselves be sold for oil production, olive production or as ornamentals in water sensitive areas. Imagine an olive tree that may survive over 4,000 years, like their living ancestors in Lebanon.


To introduce the Lebanese olive varieties into the USA, to open the US market to the Lebanese quality manufacturers & food retailers, to professionally create Lebanese-Californian olive oil blends and produce award winning oils in international competitions, to plant Olive Groves in California using what may well be the Mother of all Olive Trees, the little known, ancient cultivars of Lebanon, to popularize the tree and to combine the best of the new world with the best of the old.